Hawaiice Electric/Manual Shavers

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Hawaiice Electric Shaver  Only $59.00

Includes  2 FREE   quarts of RIO Snocone Syrupehawaiicesm.bmp (41718 bytes)

  Any Snocone Lovers in your family?  This is the
ideal gift.  Everyone will enjoy this wonder ice shaver
that that makes great shaved ice or snocones when
topped with RIO Snocone Syrup.   This shaver makes
mounds of fluffy snow that can be served as shaved ice, snocones, slushes
or tropical drinks.

Each shaver cost $59.00 which includes a start up kit with RIO Syrup-
a $15.00+ value.  The kit includes 2 quarts of RIO syrup, 2 pourouts, 2
dust covers, 25 spoonstraws and 25 shaved ice serving cups.    You
will get  2 of the following top  flavors from our line:  Cherry, Ocean Blue
Raspberry, and Orange.
  See our order sheet for additional flavors available.

To use this shaver, simply fill the three   ice cups with water, juice, milk,
etc. and freeze solid.  (Ice cubes may also be used but will not produce a
fluffy snow texture.)  Slip an ice block into the machine, press down   the
top of the shaver to dispense soft fluffy snow.  Add your favorite RIO Syrup
for the perfect shaved ice treat.




The shaver includes an instruction
booklet and 3 ice cups.  The white plastic body is 13 inches tall.  Replacement
blades  and ice cups as well as additional RIO syrup flavors and supplies are
available on the order page.

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Update 05/12


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